Google Reveals Causes of Down Youtube Service

Google Reveals Causes of Down Youtube Service

The technology giant Google has revealed the causes of disruption to Google services which include Gmail and Youtube in various countries, including Indonesia. Google says the ‘internal storage quota issue’ is the cause for global downtime.

Google has confirmed the cause of down services across the world on Monday (14/12) afternoon due to a technical error in the internal system. The tech giant saw all of its major apps, including YouTube and Gmail, offline on Monday evening Western Indonesian Time. This prevents millions of people from accessing major services.

“Today, at 3:47 am PT, Google experienced an authentication system problem for approximately 45 minutes due to an internal storage quota problem. Services that require users to log inexperienced a high error rate during this period, “a Google spokesman said in a statement.

The incident had far-reaching implications. Other Google services such as Google Maps, as well as Calendar and the Google Drive application, are all impacted and inaccessible.

Visitors who try to visit the YouTube website are greeted with the message “Something is wrong.”

Youtube is one of the most used Google services in the world. YouTube has more than two billion active users. Meanwhile, Gmail is the most popular email platform in the world, with more than 1.5 billion users.

The Down Detector service monitoring website also reports users having flagged issues accessing the Google Play Store and the Google Meet and Hangouts communication tools.

In response to the incident, Adam Leon Smith, chair of the Special Interest Group in Software Testing at BCS, Chartered Institute for IT, highlighted issues experienced by Google users during the outage. This incident is a sign of how much humans depend on today’s world technology.

“Our dependence on technology has grown rapidly, but the amount spent on reliability, testing and quality is not growing in parallel,” he said.