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In today’s digitalization era, many new applications have emerged to attract smartphone users. One of them who is coming soon is VTube.

This application is almost the same as YouTube, which can be used to enjoy various entertainment shows. However, what’s interesting about VTube, users can reap unlimited income.

“The job is that we only watch videos and advertisements on VTube for approximately five minutes regularly every day without holes for 40 days. If we complete the mission, we will get points that can be exchanged for rupiah, where one point is worth one dollar, ”said one of the VTube leaders, James Lembong.

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James himself admits that he has only joined VTube for 12 days but already has nearly 3,000 members. In this business, he said the income would continue to increase if a member can recruit at least 20 people to join to enter the bronze level and enjoy the referral bonus.

“Registration is free, free of charge. The requirement is that prospective members must be at least 17 years of age by entering data in the form of their full name, ID card ID number, or driver’s license and passport as well as a contact number, “said James.

James added this business is perfect, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic that has hit the entire world, including Indonesia.

“When I saw this VTube business on social media, I immediately found out the truth and immediately joined. Praise God, my members are nearly 3,000 people from various backgrounds, spread across almost all regions in Indonesia, even overseas such as Australia, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, “he said.

The same thing was also conveyed by Tiara Piri,
student activist Sam Ratulangi University (Unsrat) Manado, who recently joined VTube but has reached the Bronze Level. “Praise God, when I joined in just two hours, I got 20 people to join,” he said.

Another VTube Top Leader, Dr. AdiSuparto, said he was grateful for the enthusiasm of the community. “From the start, I was optimistic that this business would grow rapidly because apart from being free, it is also straightforward. Just watching it, we get money every month, “said Dr. AdiSuparto.

According to Dr. AdiSuparto, the VTube application will be launched in the middle of this year. “So before being launched, it’s better to register from you now,” suggested Adi Suparto.

Another VTube member, Moch Efendi, also expressed the same thing. He stated that he was very interested in this new application because it promised entertainment. “This is interesting; let’s take it easy we can earn dollars,” said the member who recently joined.



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